2016 Swimwear Collection


2016 Swimwear Collection.Californian swimwear brand Banana Moon is back for another summer season and has all the things one needs to rock the seaside. The 2016 swimwear collection will suit basically any taste, from casual to more glamorous ones. The spring/summer 2016 swimwear trends have, in fact, all been featured in Banana Moon’s collection, including the Banana Moon Couture and the Teen lines.2016 Swimwear Collection (2)

2016 Swimwear Collection (1)While both the Banana Moon Couture and Banana Moon 2016 swimwear line-ups drew inspiration from the ethnic-chic trend, Banana Moon Teen took the Nineties and reinvented their major trends adding some cool Millennial vibes, saturating the colors and accentuating the prints with bold color-blocking motifs. Banana Moon Teen has always been a huge fan of vibrant colors, but this time we could rightly state the label definitely outdid itself with some cheerful neon lace-up details and bold statements.2016 Swimwear Collection (4) 2016 Swimwear Collection (3)While stripes have their big moment within the Couture section, floral patterns equally shine in both the lines, with the only difference that it’s up to the main line to channel the brightest colors. The Couture section is less bold and more mature/classic, while the other one is fearlessly bold and is not afraid to sport color-blocking motifs as well. If you are looking for something more cheerful yet not as Millennial-approved as the Teen’s proposals, we recommend checking out Banana Moon’s main proposals, while those who are looking for something less eye-catching yet adequately unique, the Couture line-up could just be what you have always been looking for!2016 Swimwear Collection (6) 2016 Swimwear Collection (5)

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