Altuzarra 2015 Pre-Fall Collection

Altuzarra 2015 pre-fall collection continues main conception of spring collection and represents even more elegant designs in subtle and dark tones. Let’s find out what is included in new collection and what you would like to see in your wardrobe.

 Altuzarra 2015 Pre-Fall Collection

The main idea of Joseph Altuzarra was to offer women highly fashionable, comfortable and stylish clothing that could be worn from day to night. Well I can say that the mission is complete. New pre-fall collection represents enormous collection full of all neccessary pieces for cool weather. Designer talking about his new collection;

“I was interested in comfort and how it can work with the idea of seduction”

Key items from this collection are surely line of coats in different styles and colors. The palette includes subtle tones like milky, black and red that can be matched with any other color.

Next comes the line of jackets in similar subtle tones that are combined with classy pencil skirts, blouses and pants. Most styles are monotone but there are several beautiful skirts and pants in stripes and checkered patterns.

Let’s not forget about collection of classy dresses that are perfect for office outfit and business meetings. Actually the whole collection is perfect for business women who like to accentuate elegance and natural beauty. Bodycon dresses highlight woman’s beautiful curves without any extra details.

At last, Altuzarra 2015 pre-fall collection is completed with line of elegant shoes and high knee boots that are in perfect harmony with designer dresses and coats.

 Altuzarra 2015 Pre-Fall Collection  Altuzarra 2015 Pre-Fall Collection  Altuzarra 2015 Pre-Fall Collection
 Altuzarra 2015 Pre-Fall Collection  Altuzarra 2015 Pre-Fall Collection

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