Aquamarine Color Trend 2015

For summer all bright colors will look stylish and beautiful but wearing bright color is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. You should learn how to mix and match colors to create elegant look.

For this summer all shades of blue are trendy. One of them isaquamarine that will be perfectly suitable for sunny days.

 Aquamarine Color Trend 2015

Fresh and delicate aquamarine looks gorgeous with lighter shades. This shade can be described both being bright and pale; this gives you more possibilities and wider palette for combos. Aquamarine is perfect for special occasions as it will make you feel relaxed.

 Aquamarine Color Trend 2015

Aquamarine will be great choice for special occasions like a date or informal party. If you have chosen aquamarine dress combine it with accessories like silver or golden bijou that will break the monotony of aquamarine dress. Light aquamarine is more suitable for blondes while brunettes can match this shade with other colors.

The best combination is white and aquamarine. Moreover such combination will be suitable for business outfit but the accent should be put on white; aquamarine can be chosen for accessories like handbag.

Aquamarine will look cute with green and blue. Blue will make aquamarine more accentuated and fresh. Navy blue and aquamarine combination will be suitable for office outfit. You can combine aquamarine blouse with navy blue pants and complete the look with high heels.

Another perfect combination is aquamarine garments and denim pieces. It can be skinny pants and aquamarine crop top or blouse. You can also wear jeans, white shirt and aquamarine handbag.

 Aquamarine Color Trend 2015

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