Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015


Spring is one of my favourite seasons. I like to see the nature reviving, trees and flowers blooming, the sun shinning. Even the people are happier when the spring is here, they smile more often and engage in a lot of great things. Also, the clothes are more beautiful and colorful in spring.

I love the colors that this season brings and I`m glad that now I can transpose them all on my nails.
This spring you can play with the colors, you can make your manicure with whatever shade you want because New York Fashion Week allowed us to wear any kind of nail shade: from neon to dark, from nude to nail effects. I am truly excited because I like to experiment, to try all sorts of shades. But enough talking, let’s see what are the  Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015.

#1: NUDE

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015



Black is a classic color, always in fashion. At New York Fashion Week was present at Georgio Armani.

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015


#3: MINT

Warm and cold, the color of freshness, mint is yet another popular color this season and I’m very happy because I love it.

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015


A very good choice for the spring/summer season, cobalt blue is vibrant and brings a lot of energy to your manicure. Try different nail shapes and make it your own signature look.

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015


A color that represents warmth and energy, yellow is a great shade for the warm days to come and therefore making this trend unmissable this year.

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015

 #6: GREY

Although it is not a light color, the nail varnish is a beautiful shade. It is not necessarily a classic, but it brings a note of intrigue like no other nail polish.

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015

 #7: PINK

Pink is a shade that will always remain en vogue and this season you can wear it with everything you want as designers show us numerous ways to wear every possible color combination.

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015

 #8: MELON

Another popular color this season is melon. It doen`t matter if it’s a pale shade or darker, if it`s melon, it’s trendy. Besides, the fruity shades are always winners in the heated months that are coming.

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015


Pantone has designated this color to be the color of the year, so what better way to stay in trend that wearing it on your nails? Goradiant orchid and you will not miss the trends!

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015


Shimmer has always been a trend, so we cannot miss it and pairing it up with such a classic and elegant color as nude is, just gives it an extra pinch of beauty.

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015
#11: GOLD

Shades of gold you can pull out of the dilemma when it comes to elegance. Go for it and you will have absolutely nothing to lose, it cane definitely pull a normal outfit out of anonymity.

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015


Metallic shades are extremely interesting and rather unusual this season, they catch the light, but also catch everyone’s sight. Do not be afraid to try them!

46 Best Nail Polish Colors For Spring


Red will always be a classic color, no matter how light or dark it is. Try it in different combinations or nail shapes and lengths and it will never fail you. Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015

#14: WHITE

White is a very interesting choice for your nails. It is light, the color of perfection and a very angelic shade to add to your color portfolio.

 Best Nail Polish Colors For 2015

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