Fashion Shows 2015

Carolina Herrera 2015 Fall Collection; New York Fashion Week

I was waiting for Carolina Herrera’s new collection with great impatience  and at last new collection for fall was represented during New York fashion week and it was fascinating.
carolina herrera new york fashion week fall 2013 show
At this time too Carolina Herrera fashion house kept its signature and represented collection full of gorgeous and sexy designs. True devotees of this label and many celebs will surely have pieces from this collection so if you really want to stand out from the rest of the crowd with your jaw dropping image and style, I offer you to stop searching the web hoping to find some inspiration and look through these pictures of Carolina Herrera 2015 fall collection from New York fashion week

CZAR by Cesar Galindo 2015 Fall Collection: New York

During latest New York fashion week famous designers represented new collections for 2015 fall and all of them were gorgeous. I shared with you several fashion shows from New York fashion week and at this time I want to show you CZAR by Cesar Galindo fall collection for 2015.

 CZAR by Cesar Galindo 2015 Fall Collection: New York

The second day of fashion week was really fascinating and the best moment became CZAR by Cesar Galindo fall collection for 2015 represented by all the hottest chicks on the catwalk. Cesar Galindo brought new and fresh ideas to the label making CZAR new fall collection unique.  Among true devotees of Cesar Galindo I can mention Madonna, Courtney Cox, Gwen Stefani and many other celebrities who often represented Cesar Galindo dresses on the red carpet. 

Floral Prints for 2015 Summer

Floral Prints for 2015 Summer are all about bright colors, prints and patterns. One of the main trends of this summer is floral prints that will fill summer days with lovely blossoms. Numerous designer houses and labels included floral printed garments so let’s check out some of the most popular examples from the catwalk.


Before talking about designers who chose floral prints let’s say that floral printing was always trendy. Every season it got new styles like 3d appliques, rosy prints, more abstract styles and surely classy floral designs.

New York Fashion Week; 2015 Spring Casual Collection

Let’s get back to this year’s fashion weeks, mainly to New York Fashion Week that brought into the limelight myriad of new and chic designer collections for next spring and summer. Both casual and formal styles were shown during this fashion week. At this time I want to show you several collections of casual styles for 2015 spring.

 New York Fashion Week; 2015 Spring Casual Collection

First of all I want to say that coming spring is announced the season of versatile styles; I mean both casual and classy styles will be on trend. In other words you will be totally free to choose whatever you want. If you are the lover of colorful floral prints and patterns, you will find numerous gorgeous designs to complete your wardrobe.

Jean Paul Gaultier Collection; Spring/Summer 2015

One of the trendsetters in fashion industry is surely Jean Paul Gaultier.This time too designer house represented gorgeous collection of modern and stylish pieces for 2015 spring and summer. The main concept of this collection is unique way of expression your personality so find out whether you can pull of such image.

 Jean Paul Gaultier Collection; Spring/Summer 2015

This collection is everything but not boring and casual. As always designer house represented unique pieces with eye catching prints and patters, as well as luxurious leather pieces for the lovers of alternative styles. Several leather jackets completed with zipper details will add rock chic to your image. 

Besides of leather, designers used organza, lace and other delicate and lightweight fabrics perfectly suitable for summer. 

Isabel Marant Collection; 2015 Spring/Summer

Isabel Marant fashion show that took place recently was spectacular and full of eye catching pieces. Keeping the best traditions of label designer represented fantastic collection full of beautiful dresses, feminine and cute skirts, cardigans, shorts and pants. Besides of those wearable and stylish designs collection included gorgeous examples of shoes that immediately caught my attention. Moreover, shoes were even more breathtaking then clothing so I decided to focus on them and try to ignore clothing.

 Isabel Marant Collection; 2015 Spring/Summer

Isabel Marant 2015 spring and summer collection is full of romantic and elegant styles and shoes chosen to complete pieces are as gorgeous as clothing. Color palette chosen for clothing is very delicate and pastel, while shoes’ color is limited to black and nude. 

Men’s Fashion 2015 Spring/Summer; Milan Fashion Week

Milan Men’s Fashion Week that was held recently represented newest designer collections and trends for coming spring and summer. We have already talked about women’s fashion shows that were held during Milan Fashion Week and it is high time to check out what is going to be trendy for men.

Men’s Fashion 2015 Spring/Summer; Milan Fashion Week

Some of the most popular designer houses and labels like Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli and many others took part in this fashion week. All of them captured attention of style critics and fashion devotees and now I will try to represent some of them in brief.

Dolce & Gabbana represented a whole line of multi chromatic and modern designs. There wasn’t any particular signature line; collection included from white to golden, striped and monotone, simple and extravagant styles. 

2015 Spring Men’s Fashion; London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week already represented new designer collections for 2015 spring and summer and I have already represented you some of the best women’s fashion shows but we have never talked about men’s fashion shows. I think it is time to check out some designer collections from London Fashion Week.


London Fashion Week began with some of the most popular designer shows like Alexander McQueen, Burberry Prorsum, Topman Design, Lee Roach, Nicole Farhi and others. Just like other fashion events London Fashion week was remarkable with those stylish and modern designer collections for 2015 spring and summer. 

For the beginning I want to represent Margaret Howell minimalistic collection for 2015 spring. During fashion show models represented classy and wearable pieces in subtle tones. Blue was dominating. 

2015 Spring Trends; Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is over and fashion month is officially announced closed. Still time and again we turn to this great fashion event and look through runway shows to find something new.

2015 Spring Trends; Paris Fashion Week

Paris fashion week showed the most popular designer collections that are trendsetters in modern fashion and we just cannot ignore them. Let’s begin our review of 2015 spring/summer fashion trends from colors.

The catwalk was full of bright colors. Metallic again became dominant and it was spotted on Lanvin, Alber Elbaz, Givenchy, Dries von Noten, new collections. Metallic was combined with shiny embellishments. More minimalistic style was shows by Gareth Pugh with metallic bodycon dress. 

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