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The Blonde Salad X Steve Madden Shoe Collection; Spring 2015

Check out another collaboration of those two great names and find what they have prepared for this spring.

Famous blogger Chiara Ferragni and her brand new Blonde Salad label has already surprised us with accessory collection. Next name in this collaboration is one of the most popular footwear brands Steve Madden; those two names will provide high rate of popularity for collection so let’s take a look at some of the best pieces from The Blonde Salad X Steve Madden shoe collection for spring 2015.

The Blonde Salad X Steve Madden Shoe Collection; Spring 2015

The Blonde Salad X Steve Madden shoe collection is limited; it includes nine styles and seventeen pairs of shoes. In spite of the fact that it is not a large collection like Steve Madden always has this new edition represents different types of shoes for any preference. The uniqueness and perfection of this collection is a result of labels’ contribution. Their priorities were the same and that’s why every single model of collection is precious.

2015 Spring/Summer Shoes Fashion

2015 spring and summer fashion trends are bright and daring in all aspects be it clothing, accessories, shoes or jewelry. The latest fashion shows represented all the newest updates in fashion industry and we can now find out what designers and brands have prepared for us. I would like to show you several new examples of 2015 spring/summer shoes from popular brands.

2015 Spring/Summer Shoes Fashion

As we are waiting for summer I will introduce you sandals that will be suitable for hot weather. Most styles have already been represented in summer 2015 collections and if you haven’t managed to check them out now you have a chance to check them all.

Lollipops Accessories Collection; Spring/Summer 2015

Dolls, are you ready for new Lollipops accessory collection? This summer is going to be hot because we have got brand new collection of accessories full of the cutest pieces. For summer designers chose all the brightest colors and prints to make summer days more joyful. You will have a chance to play with color combos and patterns.

Lollipops Accessories Collection; Spring/Summer 2015

Key items from Lollipops 2015 spring/summer accessory collectionare shoes and handbags. Both are very bright and bold with unimaginable prints. What do you say about leopard prints? Dare to wear statement handbag with leopard printing and choose brown boots to complete the image.

Valentino Shoes & Handbags Collection; Spring/Summer 2014

Are you fond of Valentino designer house? If so, you will simply fall in love with new pieces from Valentino Shoes & Handbags Collection for 2014 spring and summer. This is real parade of luxury so do not miss the chance to find out what Valentino has prepared for you.

Valentino Shoes & Handbags Collection; Spring Summer 2014

Bohemian and vintage flair is spiced up with modern details and unimaginable color combos. No one could predict that new collection would be so different and unique. Both shoes and handbags have touch of glitter that makes them even more eye catching yet totally wearable. Alongside with bright colors and details those pieces are practical.

Valentino shoes and handbags collection for 2014 spring and summer

Valentino new handbags line features pieces in black and red with golden details. Surely the key item of this line is black handbag with animal prints. If you are true devotee of Valentino designer house you probably know that animal prints have already become signature line of Valentino and this collection would be incomplete without prints.

Valentino new handbags

Another luxurious item that I want to show you is golden clutch that left me speechless. Just imagine, you are wearing little black dress, high heels, luxurious jewelry and this unique clutch.

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