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Best Colors for Blondes


Your style is a unique and may be the only way to emphasize your personality and make right impression (I am talking about first impression). The ability to choose proper design, color and details is a real talent. Together we will investigate all the latest trends as well as go for style tips that will help you to learn how to find your style.

Today we will talk about best clothing colors for blondes. Hair color has great importance and you should definitely take this factor into consideration when choosing garments.



For elegant look blondes can choose light tones of gray and pastel shades. Garments in those shades will be suitable for office outfit.


Chiara Ferragni & Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag Campaign


One of the latest collaborations brought into fashion fantastic collection of stylish and trendy handbags. The collaboration of Louis Vuitton and famous Chiara Ferragni had a success and as a result they represented Soft Lockit Bag campaign.


Andrew Arthur was the photographer who created line of beautiful pictures where both beauty bunny and accessories are pictured in the best way. The theme for new campaign was chosen romantic flair and campaign represented scenes in the garden full of flowers as well as street looks that show an image of modern and independent woman.


2017 Fall Headwear Trends


Explore 2017 fall/winter headwear trends and find out what popular labels and designer houses have prepared for coming season. Take a closer look at images represented on the latest fashion shows and pick your favorites.


Fur Hats

For cold weather fur hat is the best option to make you feel warm. This could be a perfect slogan for past decade. Now fur hat has totally new conception. Being a symbol of luxury fur hat is the best accessory to spice up your look. let’s not forget that we are considering only artificial fur hats.


Rami Kadi Le Royaume Enchanté Couture 2017 Dress Collection


One of the most alluring and luxurious collection of dresses was launched just recently and in the shortest period of time collection gained best reviews and rates and we just couldn’t ignore it. Rami Kadi Le Royaume Enchanté Couture dress collection will take you to a new imaginary world where images from fairy tales and Arabic motifs are mixed in the most beautiful way.


If you look through 2017 dresses collection you will hardly find anything like this. Surely there are luxurious designer dresses but you will never have such feeling; from the very first moment you feel yourself in an imaginary world walking in the garden of your palace wearing beautiful ball gown. 


2017 Fall Runway Trends (part 2)


Let’s continue investigating 2017 fall runway trends where designers have represented new fall and winter collections. If you want to be in the center of fashion news, check out this list of fashion trends for fall 2017.


Fur Details

For 2017 fall and winter designer represented luxurious garments with fur details. You will feel comfortable and surely confident wearing fur.


2017 Fashion; How to Wear Pencil Skirt


A woman looks really feminine and attractive only wearing a skirt or dress that’s why every woman should at least one skirt and dress in wardrobe. There are numerous styles of skirts and all of them are surely beautiful but the best one that is eternal and will never go out of the fashion is pencil skirt. It is perfect for office outfit or formal dinners as well as for romantic dates and night outs. Let’s find out how to wear a pencil skirt and how to match it with accessories.


First thing that comes to my mind when seeing pencil skirt is a beautiful woman with pencil skirt, white shirt and high heels walking graciously in office. Having strict dress code doesn’t mean that office workers should lose femininity. Pencil skirt and shirt can also be completed with longer jacket and classy handbag.


2017 Fall Runway Trends (part 1)


Latest fashion shows set trends for 2017 fall and winter. Some of popular designer houses and brands represented new collections and we can now find out all trends in fashion industry.

50’s Retro Fashion

Retro influence is still strong and it is obvious that this trend is getting more and more popular. For spring and summer we have already seen all collections and designs with retro influence now it is time to check out fall collections with 50’s retro details.

Prada, Rochas.


60’s Retro Fashion

Continuing the topic of retro collections let’s check out another line of fall 2017 pieces with strong influence of 1960’s fashion.


2017 Summer Color Trends


Pantone has represented 2017 summer color trends that has become a guide for designers and brands to create summer collections. If you want to stay on trend check out color palette for 2017 summer that include 10 bright tones.


Sensual; Hot Summer

Sensual line includes hot summer colors that will be perfectly suitable for summer lightweight fabrics. More often those shades are represented in prints and patterns.


2017 Summer Makeup Trends


2017 summer fashion shows brought into the limelight several noteworthy and eye catching makeup looks that have been included in 2017 summer makeup trends. Most of them are daring and conceptual but there are really impressive images that can be copied.


Geometric Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup is still trendy but for 2017 summer designers represented new ideas of cat eye makeup like geometric eyes. Here cat eye makeup is shown in different creative ways. Surely most of them cannot be chosen for daily makeup but for party look you can surely copy it. For colors you choose classy black, brown, emerald, blue or go bolder and choose metallic tones. 


Jewelry for Your Skin Tone


The secret of attractive and stylish look is right chosen clothing, accessories, makeup and hairstyle. In fact, this is a serious problem especially today when there are so many examples to choose. But don’t worry, with beauty guidelines you will learn how to match details and look perfect. At this time we will find out ways to choose accessories for skin tone.


Before talking about main tips let’s remember that no matter what type and color you choose you should take care of jewelry in order to keep it in perfect look for a long time. Keep them away from water and don’t forget to apply light coat of clear nail polish; this trick will keep the color longer. Make sure you don’t have any allergic reaction on chosen jewelry.

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