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2017 Fashion Trends; Little Black Dress


La petite robe noire-little black dress. Girls, it is not a lesson of French language. I just want you to feel French flair and be the part of 2017 fashion best looks. Little black dress is still the most popular style for any occasion. For this season you have all the chances to find luxurious black dresses but if you still don’t know how to wear black dress and how to choose accessories for it, here is a short guideline for you.


From the very first day when Coco Chanel represented her little black dress in ’20s the trend never lost its popularity. Today there are infinite styles of  little black dresses with or without sleeves, bodycon with sheer panels, pockets and etc.You will easily find the one you need and the one that will make you really sexy and feminine.


2017 Fall Hairstyles Trends


We have already talked about main trends of 2017 fall, accessory and handbag trends, now it is high time to find out what hairstyles designers have represented on the latest fashion shows and at last find out 2017 fall hairstyles trends. 


Side Swept Hairstyles

Side swept up-dos and loose hairstyles are still trendy. There were highly popular last season and for 2017 fall too side swept styles are optional.


2017 Fall Color Trends


We have already seen some of the most popular designer collections for 2017 fall and we have already considered main trends for fall and winter. Now it is time find out 2017 fall color trends offered by Pantone.

As we saw on 2017 fall collections new season colors are quite bright and not common for cold weather. After all, fashion changes and no wonder that every season we have brand new styles and trends. It means you will not have to stuck to monotony only because it is fall; go bold and experiment with bright shades and unimaginable color combos. Let’s get back to fall 204 color trends.


How to Choose Wedding Lingerie


The very special and important day in every girl’s life is wedding day and all girls are dreaming of that big day. To turn it into a real fairy tale they are ready to pay countless money on wedding dress, jewelry, accessories, flowers, decorations and many other important details for perfect wedding. There is one more thing that need special attention; wedding lingerie is A one needed for that “very special” moment and it definitely should be perfect. It is not so easy thing to choose perfect lingerie that will be suitable for wedding dress and figure so it is very important to know some rules. Here is a guideline on how to choose wedding lingerie.


The choice of wedding lingerie should be done with great care so never leave it for the last moment. The best option is to choose lingerie after you have chosen wedding dress. The style of lingerie mostly depends on the dress you have chosen. Never economize on lingerie; it should be luxurious and very sexy.

The first detail you should pay attention to is style of bra. For instance you have chosen strapless dress the bra should be bustier or strapless bra that will provide with desired shape and lift. The style of panties is as important as bra. If you are going to wear straight or mermaid dress you will need to wear a style that will fit perfectly without showing lines. If you want to hide stomach and get flat tummy you can use body slimmers. You should be twice as attentive with shapewear because it may be uncomfortable.

There is one thing you should remember that wedding lingerie can be changed for the “first night” so if you have chosen another one for the second part you can put the accent on comfort for the wedding lingerie. Do not forget to complete the look with sexy lace stockings.



2017 Summer Denim Trends


Denim pieces will always be trendy and no matter it is summer or winter. Denim styles are the best for casual look and they are very popular among men and women. For 2017 spring and summer designers have represented line of denim pieces that definitely have their special place in 2017 summer fashion. Some of them are quite bold and conceptual; those styles will stay on the catwalk but there are still numerous denim styles that will be seen on the street. Let’s check them.


Though denim is more preferable for relaxed and casual looks designers played with textures and combos representing unimaginable styles. The following examples were shown on the latest New York Fashion week and the main characteristic features that we can note about styles is retro allure of ’70s. And again designers turned to retro styles and chose retro details for 2016 and 2017 collections.


Burberry Prorsum 2017 Fall Campaign


We are now surrounded with bright and cool summer pieces full of edgy looks and sexy vibes but we are already missing classy looks we used to see in fall and winter. You can still enjoy your summer days but why not to take a sneak peek at one of the most popular fall campaigns that was launched just recently.

Burberry Prorsum 2017 fall campaign is the one you need for coming fall; including all the newest trends of 2017 fall and at the same time representing its traditions Burberry Prorsum will offer you line of super stylish fall garments for true lovers of unique styles.


For 2017 fall designers chose models Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse, Malaika Firth, Callum Ball, Tarun Nijjer and Oli Green. Mario Testino, a group of professional hair stylists and makeup artists created perfect images suitable for perfect garments.


2017 Summer Trends; Office Outfit


Though summer is the time of parties and holidays we still have to work. It is much easier to choose office outfit for spring, fall and winter but hot weather limits you in options and you should know some rules how to dress up for office. Here are several looks from the latest fashion shows that have set trends for 2017 summer.



Waistcoat is one of the most optional and popular styles for this summer. Elongated forms can be combined with tight fitting pants. For summer you can choose subtle tones and combos. After all let’s not forget that we are talking about office outfit.


Clothes to Avoid after 35


A woman is really beautiful and attractive if only she knows how to use her natural beauty and how to make it even more eye catching. Sometimes women make mistakes choosing not age appropriate clothing and this is one of the factors that can ruin look. There are some designs that should be avoided after 35 and if you keep those rules in mind you will always have heartbreaking look.


Jeans are very popular and optional. Right chosen jeans will look elegant and stylish but there is A style that should be avoided. No matter how sexy ripped jeans look you should avoid it. On the other hand, you can choose boyfriend jeans for casual look.


2017 Summer Trends; How to Wear Fluffy Skirt


Fluffy skirts are the new trend of 2017 summer and we can see those beautiful and flirty styles here and there. Fluffy skirt is a perfect style for parties and night outs. If you learn how to combine fluffy skirt with details you will be able to create mind blowing look.


There are zillion styles of fluffy skirts and when choosing one you should take into consideration some factors. First of all determine where you are going to wear your fluffy skirt. Next, determine the length of skirt. If you have perfect body you can wear sexy mini skirt. Petite or plus size women should stay away from fluffy skirts.


Juicy Couture 2017 Fall Lookbook


Looking forward to summer designs? Juicy Couture has already prepared fall lookbook full of brand new designs for coming fall. You can check out fall garments, pick your favorites and enjoy your summer days waiting for collection to be launched.


Featuring Jacquelyn Jablonski and Martha Hunt and lensed by Paola Kudacki this fabulous lookbook represents creative scenes from Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. Beautiful background, sexy models and super-stylish designs have already gained an army of devotees and you will hardly resist the temptation. Creative director Roi Elfassy together with a group of professional makeup artists and hair stylists did a great job and managed to present you new fall 2017 lookbook in the best way.

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