Dior Handbags Collection; Spring/Summer 2015

World famous Dior brand never stops surprising us with smashing collections and campaigns and new spring summer collection was another fabulous surprise for devotees of brand.

Dior Handbags Collection; Spring/Summer 2015

Dior handbags collection launched for spring and coming summer is absolutely magnificent.  Bags stopped being only functional accessory; they have very essential role in woman’s image and this is the main concept chosen as a base for Dior bags and accessories.

Talking about the quality of Dior bags or the popularity of label is a waste of time so I offer you to skip this stuff and look through this gallery of Dior handbags that are so elegant and glamorous. 

Dior Handbags Collection; Spring/Summer 2015

Keeping the main signature of Dior bags, creative designers managed to inject some dramatic and modern vibe to styles. Creative and vibrant colors as well as details were in perfect harmony with classy Dior style. So famous and beloved boxy style of Dior bag with rounded handles still remains A style chosen by millions of women and this is the main reason why the label got back to this design and included several examples in2015 spring/summer collection.

The color palette chosen for summer collection is so dazzling; pale pink, dark purple, multi chromatic bags with floral pring and many other gorgeous examples that are surely worth to be included in your personal collection of bags.

Fabrics used for this collection are as chic as colors. Crocodile and reptilian prints are luxurious but if you are the lover of minimalistic style, you will surely find several really elegant and statement accessories from Dior 2015 bags collection.

Few words about the innovation in Dior label. 3D floral application in bright hues attracted attention and it became the most popular style from new collection.

Dior Handbags Collection; Spring/Summer 2015

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