Givenchy Resort 2015 Collection

Givenchy resort 2015 collection that was represented just recently totally differs from 2015 fall collection as it is even brighter and bolder. This line mostly includes minimalistic and monochrome designs yet minimalism is spiced up with modern and a bit daring elements that make this collection really unique. Main detail in this collection is creative skirt belt seen in several designs.

Givenchy Resort 2015 Collection

Though resort collection includes several pieces from previous line, this edition represents totally new designs. Innovation in this collection is white lace trousers combined white cardigan. 

Floral prints are used in many pieces from pants to jackets and dresses. The trend of the season is combination of dress with pants. Quite daring and I cannot say whether it will become popular or not but you can still look through these pictures.

Just like color palette fabrics chosen for Givenchy resort collection is also versatile. Choose stylish leather jacket or try on this leather skirt belt with classy dress.

Besides of those stylish pieces of outfit, Givenchy resort 2015 collection includes line of shoes like ankle boots, sandals with creative curved heels. Materials, colors and details used for footwear are amazing. You can even find open toe shoes with lace. The line of accessories is complete with practical handbags in black and brown and floral purses.

Givenchy Resort 2015 Collection Givenchy Resort 2015 Collection

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