How to Choose Swimwear 2015


Summer is coming and it is perfect time to bring your figure into perfect shape. Few workouts a day and you will get your desired sexy body. I am not going to talk about workout tips or diet but I have some really useful tips on how to make your body look more attractive and sexy. We are going to talk about ideas on how to choose swimwear 2015. 

Just like lingerie swimwear should be perfectly suitable for your body so when choosing swimwear you should exactly know what is necessary to hide and what can be accentuated.

How to Choose Swimwear 2015

Women with small bust should wear a top with ruffles and frills. Simple string bikini will not be an option, while bikini tops with padding will make figure look proportionate.

Women with large bust should choose halternecks that support bust. Bikinis with fuller cups will also look great. Ruffles and embellishments will make bust look even bigger while simple designs will look just perfect.

The best style of swimwear for bigger hips is bottom in dark tones that sits across. If you want to hide stomach you can choose tankini. Monokini will also look smashing but this style is more capricious. If you want to wear mono suit pick the one with prints or in dark tones.

Pear shaped figure will look attractive with dark toned swimsuit. The top can be asymmetric one, crisscross or strapless style. For straight shaped body mono suit with prints at waist will be suitable. Top with ruffles and frills with put the accent on bust.

If you have apple shaped body choose crossover suit in dark tones that will hide imperfections. If you have hourglass figure you are blessed because you can choose any style of swimwear from the sexiest bikini, bandeau top, monokini, tankini in any color combo.

How to Choose Swimwear 2015 How to Choose Swimwear 2015 How to Choose Swimwear 2015 How to Choose Swimwear 2015 How to Choose Swimwear 2015

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