Isabeli Fontana for Morena Rosa 2015 Beachwear Campaign

The latest Morena Rosa beachwear collection featuring Isabeli Fontanaplaced the highest rates in fashion industry. Please remember the previous campaign of Morena Rosa again featuring Isabeli Fontana. I should say that the collaboration of beauty bunny and famous Brazilian label brought into the limelight amazing campaigns and collections and at this time I offer you to take a sneak peek at Morena Rosa 2015 beachwear catalogue by Isabeli Fontana.

Isabeli Fontana for Morena Rosa 2015 Beachwear Campaign

As it is already beachwear season, almost all popular labels represented new collections and Morena Rosa is definitely one of those brands that should be taken into consideration.  

Let’s remember that the signature of Morena Rosa is sophistication and sexuality and the brand never changes its signature be it winter or beachwear collection. At this time too the label represented amazing line of ultra-hot and smashing beachwear pieces full of dazzling colors and details.

Isabeli Fontana for Morena Rosa 2015 Beachwear Campaign

Tropical motifs are present in every item of collection be it sexy bikini or one piece swimsuit.

I can surely say that when creating this collection creative designers meant to fulfil  every woman’s dream, i.e being the queen of the beach. Every single item from Morena Rosa beachwear catalogue will boost your natural beauty and seductiveness.

Color palette of 2015 beachwear includes all the brightest and joyful tones for summer. There are also many pieces in subtle and pastel tones for the lovers of elegant styles. Beachwear collection includes both monochromatic and multi chromatic styles with different floral and animal prints as well as strips and geometric lines.

Morena Rosa 2015 beachwear collection includes several styles of bandeau tops, cover-ups, sarongs, tunics, beach dresses, jumpsuits and of course swimsuits.

Besides of oh so sexy and gorgeous beachwear pieces Morena Rosa new collection offers line of accessories perfectly completing those smashing styles. The line represents massive earrings and bracelets, necklaces, rings as well as hats and high heel sandals.

Isabeli Fontana for Morena Rosa 2015 Beachwear Campaign

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