Handbag Trends 2017

If you followed along with your Handbag Trends 2017 runway roundups, you already know what I’m about to say. Pale bags, ranging from ivory to blush, are the biggest trend going for springby far. After what feels like season upon season of prints, neons, rococo embellishments and exotics, a simple swath of dove grey leather actually does feel pretty fresh, if perhaps a little tricky to keep clean under non-ideal circumstances. (Put away your denim, lest you turn the back side of your new bag entirely blue.)
Handbag Trends 2016

2017 Summer Fashion Trends; How to Wear Denim Shorts

When choosing summer image you should first of all choose garments that are comfortable. In order to feel comfortable and confident on hot weather you should choose pieces made of lightweight and natural fabrics. Too short or too bold décolleté doesn’t mean comfortable; you may have discomfort wearing tight clothing so think twice when upgrading your summer wardrobe.


One of the best pieces for summer is surely denim shorts that are highly popular and trendy for 2017 summer. There is nothing more sexual than pair of sexy shorts completed with T-shirt or top. Just like any other clothing you should know some style tips on how to wear denim shorts and how to find best matches for them. 

2017 Summer Sundresses Trends

Congratulations, girls! It is summer and it means you have all chances to show off your feminine curves wearing shorts, sexy skirts and dresses. One of the most popular summer styles is sundress. Sundresses are included in almost all summer collections and they can be surely considered wardrobe essentials for summer.


Sundress is made in lightweight fabrics that are extremely comfortable and suitable for hot weather. There are infinite types of sundresses in different shapes, colors and prints and when choosing a dress you should determine where you are going to wear the dress. 

Handbag Trends for 2017

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Violeta by Mango Fall 2017 Collection

There is still time for fall but brands and designers have already represented 2017 fall collections. At this time Mango launched new 2017 fall collection specially designed for plus size women. Violeta by Mango new collection includes some really noteworthy and stylish pieces for coming season.


Like previous seasons for coming fall too Mango launched selection of comfy and totally wearable pieces that will make you feel comfortable and confident. Specially designed for modern women this collection includes everything for active life. 

2017 Summer Fashion Trends; Maxi Skirts & Shoes

Maxi dresses and skirts are very trendy this summer and almost all popular brands included maxi skirts in their summer 2017 collections. Skirt in lightweight fabric is perfect for hot weather. If completed with proper top and accessories maxi skirt will create romantic look with boho vibe.


Unlike mini and midi skirts maxi skirts and dresses are a bit capricious and you should know how to match them with shoes. There are some style rules about matching maxi skirt with shoes and if you have bought maxi skirt for summer you need to know them.

Nasty Gal Shoe Cult Down Under 2017 Summer Lookbook

Are you ready to get nasty? True devotees of Nasty Gal were waiting for new summer collection with the greatest impatience and here it is. Nasty Gal Shoe Cult Down Under 2017 summer lookbook is one of the best shoe collections of 2017 summer so hurry up to check out the best shoes for summer.


Creative director chose professional surfer Laura Enever, model Ollie Henderson, blogger Micah Gianeli and singer and songwriter Lila Gold to present Nasty Gal new 2017 summer lookbook and Is hould say that the group did great job. Models were posing in the most alluring way; as for background photographer chose pool and beach thus makeing collection even more tempting.

Nail Art Designs 2017

Red is the color of girls. It symbolizes spark, elegance and hotness too. Girls love to keep red color in their shoes, accessories and costumes. Colors like red, yellow and pink are quite part and parcel of women’s closet. When it comes to nail colors, girls love to apply red nail paints.

Now in the cosmetic shop if you try to find out, you will see, they offer hundreds of red shades so it becomes tough to pick out one. One noticeable thing is that red nail art is becoming so popular. This made me determined to bring in for you simple red Nail Art Designs 2017 for girls. Scroll down to get bedazzled. Do try them out on your nails and make us know your experience with red nail color. Enjoy your beauty!

Inspiring Red Nails

Nail Art Designs 2016

2017 Summer Fashion Trend; How to Wear Jumpsuit

2017 summer fashion trends are versatile full of new colors and prints. There are some wardrobe essentials that are perfect for hot weather and you should know some rules on how to dress up for summer. One of the perfect summer styles is jumpsuit that will always be trendy and popular. Just like any other style of clothing jumpsuit should be suitable for your figure and this is the only way to look stylish and attractive. You can check out newest designs included in 2017 summer trends and learn how to wear a jumpsuit.


One of the most popular styles of jumpsuits is denim jumpsuit that comes back for every season. Denim jumpsuits come in different styles but all of them are fabulous. If you have slim body you can wear sexy short jumpsuit and combine it with sneakers or flat sandals for sporty look.

Celebrity Dresses from 2017 Billboard Music Awards

2017 Billboard Music Awards took place in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena and it was another great chance for us to see our celebrities walking on the red carpet. This event brought into fashion industry several magnificent styles and if you have missed this event you can now check out the best celebrity styles from 2017 Billboard Music Awards. 


Carrie Underwood

First image from 2017 Billboard Music Awards is Carrie Underwood who chose Oriett Domenech floor length gown with silver bodice that was combined with L’Dezen luxurious earrings, Amrapali ring and Brian Atwood shoes.

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