Bebe Summer 2017 Collection by Nina Agdal

My, my! This is so tempting that it is impossible to talk about Bebe new 2017 summer collection without any excitement. From the very first moment you will lose your mind but, please try to be patient and look through the pictures up to the end.


2017 summer began with line of super sexy and fashionable collections and everyone will have its place in fashion industry. As long as you haven’t seen Bebe new collection you may think that you have seen everything for this season but you will definitely change your mind when you see Bebe summer 2017 collection.

Short Wedding Dresses

Wedding is a very special moment in every girl’s life and everything should be perfect. When thinking of wedding dress we immediately imagine a luxurious ball gown with lace details and shiny embellishments and this style is may be the most popular one. Still looking through the latest trends we can see that many details have been changed. Popular designer houses now represent quite bold and nontraditional wedding dresses for the lovers of experiments. One of such styles is short wedding dress that is quite trendy today.


Short wedding dress is the hottest and boldest solution and before choosing such image you should be a 100% sure that you can pull off such image. Before choosing short wedding dress learn some style tips on how to wear short wedding dress and only then try it.

2017 Summer Images

Summer is no longer a dream and we can now enjoy every single moment of sunny days. In order to make your summer days brighter and joyful you should know how to be dressed and how to match garments for maximum attractive look. Here are some summer images 2017 that will inspire you to change your look or get some new ideas for this summer.


Summer Shorts

Denim shorts or any kind of shorts are the greatest option for hot summer days. This is the best way to make your sexy legs more accentuated and at the same time it is really hard to have flawless look wearing shorts. Make sure you have straight legs without any cellulite. If you think that you can pull off shorter style you can wear longer designs that are less dramatic but still very trendy.


2017 Summer Accessories

Summer is reality and you can already plan your summer days. I hope that you have upgraded your wardrobe with summer essentials and surely haven’t forgotten about accessories. If you have stopped after this sentence and looked into your wardrobe, it means you haven’t got new accessories and you have no idea what is trendy for 2017 summer.


Modern fashion includes zillion trendy accessories that can decorate your look but there are top 1o must have accessories that every girl need to have to look more attractive and stylish. Check out this selection of 2017 summer accessories, find them in stores and wear them with your beautiful summer clothing,

2017 Summer Street Styles

For summer you can get any crazy and funky image that will brighten up your look and make you feel relaxed. If you are looking for new summer ideas you can get inspiration from celebrity street looks that will show you some creative ways to mix and match garments.


Alessandra Ambrosio

First image to be shown is Alessandra Ambrosio wearing printed maxi dress. Bright prints are the main trend of this summer. You can complete maxi dress with monotone top or shirt and comfy sandals.

2017 Fall/Winter Handbag Trends

Take  a sneak peek at some of the newest handbag trends for 2017 fall and winter and find out what designers have included in new fall collections. Before going for fashion trends let me note that 2017 fall and winter tends are quite versatile and full of colors that is not so common for cold weather still newest trends are breaking the rules.


Big Handbags

Though big handbags are less popular this season and they are pushed back by medium and small handbags still they are optional and you should definitely have one in your collection.

Ralph Lauren, Moschino, and Angelo Marani.

2017 Fall Fashion; Leather Trousers

Leather trousers will always be trendy and hot. 2017 fall fashion trends have already represented some noteworthy looks and combos and you can now get some new ideas for coming season.


Leather trousers can make a real style statement if only combined with proper garments, shoes and accessories. It is quite easy to learn how to wear leather trousers so if you have decided to have similar show stopping look you just need to check out some celebrity styles.

2017 Summer Fashion Trends; How to Wear Capri Pants

Enjoy last days of spring and get ready to meet hot summer days with new fashion trends. Summer styles are effortlessly chic and beautiful with bright colors and prints. Sticking to monotony is a wrong decision so make sure you have upgraded your wardrobe with summer garments and accessories. Here is another fashion trends for coming summer; capri pants are highly fashionable and for 2017 summer many designers and labels included capri pants in summer collections. Learn how to wear capri pants and how to combine them with other clothing.


Capri pants are perfect for summer. If chosen in lightweight fabrics they will be suitable for hot weather so that you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Monotone capri will look quite elegant and classy. If combined with suitable shirt or blouse such style of capri will be suitable for office outfit. The style of shoes is very important; for office outfit choose open toe heels or flats without any additional details.

Hats 2017 Fashion Trends

Hats 2017 Fashion Trends.Ladies hats is not only a way of protection from the cold or the sun, but also a stylish accessory, which is capable both; to complement the image and spoil all the impression of it. If make a correct selection and to keep pace with ladies hats 2017 fashion trends, hats at any time of the year will be a stylish dress element and will add distinctive flavor to your summer image.Hats 2017 Fashion Trends

Women’s Scarves Trends 2017

Women’s Scarves Trends 2017.Fashion accessories can turn any image into a trendy, and the boring outfit into a stylish and effective. Which accessories will be most demanded in trends 2016? Surprisingly, women’s scarves have huge place in trends 2016, also will be popular. Fashion scarf captivates with its charm, it successfully replace exquisite necklace, and often play the role of practical headgear. Depending on tying and wearing with, it can be even more fashionable than headwear.

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