Spring/Summer 2016 Hair Trends


SpringSummer 2016 Hair Trends.SS16 was awash with brand new hair cuts, styles, colours and accessories. Both on the catwalk and backstage, we witnessed a lot of new trends and the return of some classic favourites.Take, for example, the comeback of straight hair, so sleek it was almost glass-like. Super-smooth ponytails also made an appearance at shows such as Balmain and Chanel, while simple, loose straight hair was showcased at Jonathan Saunders and Alexander Wang. SpringSummer 2016 Hair Trends (4)

SpringSummer 2016 Hair Trends (3)In terms of hair accessories, everything from simple Alice bands to chic crowns were on show – even ‘choker hair’ (loose strands of hair tucked into a necklace, collar or choker) became a thing.Short hair was also taken to the extreme this season, with the bold buzzcut being the style of the season. Take a look at our gallery below to discover what the most important Spring/Summer 2016 hair trends are.SpringSummer 2016 Hair Trends (2) SpringSummer 2016 Hair Trends (1)A woman prizes her hair over all else. There is just something intrinsically right about a woman working on her hair in order to express herself. While it is clear that clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories all have interesting trends to follow each season, hair is not something one normally thinks about when considering a wardrobe and fresh new style for the upcoming year. One can change so much by merely adjusting her hair.SpringSummer 2016 Hair Trends (6) SpringSummer 2016 Hair Trends (7)A lady can look street-wise and then suddenly quite professional, she can look adorable and suddenly take on a wild sexiness that’s hard to describe. Hair stokes one’s ego and makes them who they are, which is why the spring/ summer 2016 hairstyle trends are possibly the most important of all.SpringSummer 2016 Hair Trends (5)SpringSummer 2016 Hair Trends (8)

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