Sweater Collection for Fall-Winter

Sweater Collection for Fall-Winter.A quality wear sweater that properly fits is one of the most favorable garments a man can wear. It adds weight to a skinny physique and streamlines a large figure. Functionally it keeps you warm while style wise it can break up the monotonous wearing of dress shirts and slacks to the office. Most men know little about sweaters, and even fewer get full advantage of all the styles and patterns available. This article will provide you a strong understanding of sweater fabrics, fit, and style; the goal being not to change you, but rather expose you to options you might not have considered so you can dress in a fashion that best reflects your individuality.

Sweater Collection for Fall-Winter


The gold standard of men sweaters, a pure cashmere sweater can cost hundreds of dollars due to the lack of the long downy Kashmir goat hair from which it draws its name. Hot and light as a feather, a cashmere sweater is a substantial advance for any man. My advice when purchasing a cashmere sweater is to ensure 1) it fits perfectly 2) you have occasion to try it, at least, four times a year 3) it is of a simple, timeless, dark color and 4) you buy it from a reputable merchant. Cry once about the price, and then try it every chance you get and feel love a million dollars. If you get care of your cashmere sweater, you must get 200+ wears out of it over ten years.

Sweater Collection for Fall-Winter


The oldest and most basic quality sweater fabric, wool is the traditional favorite when it comes to looks and function. Wool knitted clothing was historically the clothing of common laborers in rural England; today its proven ability to retain heat, fine hand, and history get it a favorite of men all over the world. Wool men sweaters do, however, require great care as they are very sensitive to damage from heat and rough handling, especially when wet.

Sweater Collection for Fall-Winter


Sweaters get from cotton fabric are going to be cooler than either their wool or cashmere brethren as their cellulose foundation sheds heat faster. This isn’t a bad thing sometimes you need a cooler sweater and cotton sweaters can try directly on the skin with no irritation. Also, the use of cotton has served to drive down sweater costs.



In line with cotton, the great advantage of synthetic fabrics is that they have driven the cost of these garments. Depending on the kind of fabric being used, a synthetic fabric sweater can mimic the properties of wool or cotton, often without the problems of having to take special care of the cloth when it comes to washing and handling. Be careful though when buying a synthetic fabric sweater it will in most cases be of a lower quality than its wool/cashmere fiber counterpart.

Best Men Sweater Collection for Fall-Winter


Often you’ll see a sweater get from two or more fabrics; the reason most manufacturers do this is 1) to save money and 2) to increase performance and desired performance properties. This cost saving is often seen with cashmere blends, as a company can call their sweater a “cashmere” men sweater when in reality a large part of the sweater is made from less expensive wool or synthetic fibers. Neither bad nor good, this is easily a case where the consumer should learn to read labels and understand that often you get what you pay for. The second part, increasing performance/desired properties, is why I consider this practice acceptable. Simply put, by mixing in other fibers a sweater company can create a garment that fits and works even better than a pure fabric garment.

Sweater Collection for Fall-Winter


Sweater color affects the conditions in which a sweater can be worn. Darker colors are typically seen as more conventional and conservative, although light colored sweaters are more acceptable in the spring and summer months. Brighter shades, due to the fact they pay attention to the wearer, are less formal but can be great for casual wear and giving the impression of not taking oneself too seriously. Extremely bright shades are best avoided unless you are a performer or highway worker.

Sweater Collection for Fall-Winter

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