2016 Fashion trends


FALL/WINTER 2016 TRENDS.Milan Fashion Week just wrapped, and that means the time is now to catch up on the trends that took over for fall-winter 2016. Can you guess which looks made the cut? From women’s suits to statement belts, we rounded up four major trends from Milan Fashion Week for next fall. Check them all out below!fallwinter-2016-trends-11

Winter Fashion Trends 2016

Winter Fashion Trends 2016.Winter fashion is such a drag…or is it? Most of us dread the cold because the layering makes us look even…fuller than usual. Also the image of a petite diva in a puffy winter coat is anything but sexy.For the ladies leaving in a less cold environment where winter is more like…fall ( temperature wise) wearing the most popular 2016 winter trends – as Vogue presented them- seems to be the best idea.However, for those of us fighting the cold, the snow or the dreadful foggy, windy and freezing winter days, the trends need to be …winged a little. winter-fashion-trends-2016-9

Trendy Women’s Shorts 2016 Summer

Trendy Women’s Shorts 2016 Summer.One of the most convenient and versatile types of clothes for warm days are trendy women’s shorts 2016.Modern designers are increasingly began to use women’s trendy shorts in business suits, they are look very elegant and stylish in complete with serious jacket or blouse. Trendy Women’s Shorts 2016 Summer (15)

Teen Girls Clothing Trends 2016

Teen Girls Clothing Trends 2016.It was very hard for fashion designers to formulate teen girls clothing trends 2016. What they come up with, the younger generation in any case will create their own style and their own rules. That is the beauty of youth and they strength. The main task of fashion houses is to find that fine line, when created by them things still do not get overly extravagant, but already beyond the scope of commonness.Teen Girls Clothing Trends 2016 (3)

Spring Fashion Trends 2016

Spring Fashion Trends 2016.We professional women, who spend our lives running to and from work, barely getting enough sleep or time for breakfast, juggle many roles at once. For many of us, fashion remains part of a last minute hustle. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense. We do care about looking good. In fact, we want to look great all the time! And we love trend-watching. But sometimes the runway looks can be just too unwearable for our tame everyday outfits!

Rule #1: Just One Interesting Element

Pick any element from the runway look that you find most interesting. Then just pair it with everyday wardrobe basics like jeans or pumps. Here, I used graffiti as the main element and instead of harem pants, added boyfriend jeans. For creating similar color palette, I used turquoise moto-jacket over it and blue stacked bracelets with silver-grey eye shadow.

Sweater Collection for Fall-Winter

Sweater Collection for Fall-Winter.A quality wear sweater that properly fits is one of the most favorable garments a man can wear. It adds weight to a skinny physique and streamlines a large figure. Functionally it keeps you warm while style wise it can break up the monotonous wearing of dress shirts and slacks to the office. Most men know little about sweaters, and even fewer get full advantage of all the styles and patterns available. This article will provide you a strong understanding of sweater fabrics, fit, and style; the goal being not to change you, but rather expose you to options you might not have considered so you can dress in a fashion that best reflects your individuality.

Sweater Collection for Fall-Winter

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