2016 Swimwear

Beach Bunny Swimwear 2016 Campaign

Beach Bunny Swimwear  2016 Campaign. Beach Bunny is known for their strikingswimwear selections, and after looking at their 2016 campaign you can clearly see why. Beach Bunny Swimwear 2016 Campaign (1)

2016 Swimwear & Swimsuit Trends

2016 Swimwear & Swimsuit Trends.Swimsuit season can bring out many emotions,  it can either make you cringe, or place a big smile on your face. While most women are on the cringing end of the spectrum there are many ways to get over your fears this season, one of which includes rocking a fiercebathing suit style.2016 Swimwear & Swimsuit Trends (2)

The 10 Swimwear Trends of 2016

The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016.If you thought trends only mattered on the red carpets and streets we have news for you! Designers and stylists also have some very clear thoughts on how you should bring your fashion A-game to the pool or beach this year. For the key swimwear trends for 2016, we looked no further than Miami. After all, Ocean Drive is where girls casually take their roller skates for a spin in bikinis. Plus, Miami has its very own fashion week for everything and anything swimwear. Keep reading for the 10 hottest trends we discovered for this Summer.The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016 (2)

The Hottest Swimwear Trends of 2016

The Hottest Swimwear Trends of 2016.Fashion designers are being guided by their own calendar, always anticipating the upcoming season’s trends months and even a year beforehand. While you were living a careless summer relaxing on the beach, the world famous swim fashion week was on bringing new whimsical designs of swimwear and beach cover-ups for the next summer to come.The Hottest Swimwear Trends of 2016

Victoria’s Secret Swimwear 2016

Victoria’s Secret Swimwear 2016 .If you’re sitting somewhere close to the North Pole, where it’s cold, rainy or snowy, get rid of that blanket, because it’s about to get hot here. Victoria’s Secret has launched its new Swim 2016 catalogue, and it’s going to bring all your fantasies for the upcoming summer into your daily routine. The author for the sunny images is famous fashion and celebrity photographer Guy Aroch. He is known for his legendary lens flare, relaxed, laid-back, and dreamy shots, and that’s what this catalogue is all about.Victoria’s Secret Swimwear 2016  (7)

2016 Swimwear Collection

2016 Swimwear Collection.Californian swimwear brand Banana Moon is back for another summer season and has all the things one needs to rock the seaside. The 2016 swimwear collection will suit basically any taste, from casual to more glamorous ones. The spring/summer 2016 swimwear trends have, in fact, all been featured in Banana Moon’s collection, including the Banana Moon Couture and the Teen lines.2016 Swimwear Collection (2)

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