Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Trends


Fashion devotees already know all the newest changes in fashion for coming fall and winter. Do not miss your chance to find out all fashion trends for 2016-2017 fall and winter.

Fall Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Trends 1


2017 Fall Headwear Trends


Explore 2017 fall/winter headwear trends and find out what popular labels and designer houses have prepared for coming season. Take a closer look at images represented on the latest fashion shows and pick your favorites.


Fur Hats

For cold weather fur hat is the best option to make you feel warm. This could be a perfect slogan for past decade. Now fur hat has totally new conception. Being a symbol of luxury fur hat is the best accessory to spice up your look. let’s not forget that we are considering only artificial fur hats.


2017 Fall Runway Trends (part 2)


Let’s continue investigating 2017 fall runway trends where designers have represented new fall and winter collections. If you want to be in the center of fashion news, check out this list of fashion trends for fall 2017.


Fur Details

For 2017 fall and winter designer represented luxurious garments with fur details. You will feel comfortable and surely confident wearing fur.


2017 Fall Runway Trends (part 1)


Latest fashion shows set trends for 2017 fall and winter. Some of popular designer houses and brands represented new collections and we can now find out all trends in fashion industry.

50’s Retro Fashion

Retro influence is still strong and it is obvious that this trend is getting more and more popular. For spring and summer we have already seen all collections and designs with retro influence now it is time to check out fall collections with 50’s retro details.

Prada, Rochas.


60’s Retro Fashion

Continuing the topic of retro collections let’s check out another line of fall 2017 pieces with strong influence of 1960’s fashion.


2017 Fall Hairstyles Trends


We have already talked about main trends of 2017 fall, accessory and handbag trends, now it is high time to find out what hairstyles designers have represented on the latest fashion shows and at last find out 2017 fall hairstyles trends. 


Side Swept Hairstyles

Side swept up-dos and loose hairstyles are still trendy. There were highly popular last season and for 2017 fall too side swept styles are optional.


2017 Fall Color Trends


We have already seen some of the most popular designer collections for 2017 fall and we have already considered main trends for fall and winter. Now it is time find out 2017 fall color trends offered by Pantone.

As we saw on 2017 fall collections new season colors are quite bright and not common for cold weather. After all, fashion changes and no wonder that every season we have brand new styles and trends. It means you will not have to stuck to monotony only because it is fall; go bold and experiment with bright shades and unimaginable color combos. Let’s get back to fall 204 color trends.


Violeta by Mango Fall 2017 Collection


There is still time for fall but brands and designers have already represented 2017 fall collections. At this time Mango launched new 2017 fall collection specially designed for plus size women. Violeta by Mango new collection includes some really noteworthy and stylish pieces for coming season.


Like previous seasons for coming fall too Mango launched selection of comfy and totally wearable pieces that will make you feel comfortable and confident. Specially designed for modern women this collection includes everything for active life. 


2017 Fall/Winter Handbag Trends


Take  a sneak peek at some of the newest handbag trends for 2017 fall and winter and find out what designers have included in new fall collections. Before going for fashion trends let me note that 2017 fall and winter tends are quite versatile and full of colors that is not so common for cold weather still newest trends are breaking the rules.


Big Handbags

Though big handbags are less popular this season and they are pushed back by medium and small handbags still they are optional and you should definitely have one in your collection.

Ralph Lauren, Moschino, and Angelo Marani.

Яндекс.Метрика Hairstyles 2017