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Chic and Colorful Maaji Chimeric Wayfarer Swimwear 2015 Collection

Soak up the sun this season in the newest, must-have Maaji bikinis! Inspired by nautical traveler, the fabulous Columbian swimwear brand unveils its new Chimeric Wayfarer 2015 swimwear collection. This collection takes you on an expedition to a tropical fantasy island where juicy colors and bold graphics are explored. For the label itself, it symbolizes the journey of discovering a place where the impossible is possible, a place where dreams are built and imagination sails as far as your deepest desires.

Maaji Chimeric Wayfarer - All Aboard Swimwear 2014 Collection 02

Manuela and Amalia Sierra, the founders of Maaji, stated that each theme tells a story through their prints so that customers can find the magic of Maaji’s designs inside and out. Check out the video campaign below and the entire Maaji Chimeric Wayfarer Swimwear 2015 Collection, theme by theme, as well as visit Maaji to find your perfect fit.

Despi Swimwear 2015 Collection

Sunny and joyful mood inspires Brazilian swimwear brand Despi to create another great and extremely magnificent beach collection, which again comes to prove that the coming summer is going to be the most wonderful and cool season of the year! So if you’re planning to spend some time on the beach as well, the pieces of the Despi swimwear 2015 collection will make you the star of the show! Adorned with a stunningly diverse, yet very tastefully chosen colors, these bikinis come to act as impeccable pairs of shade and color plays.

Despi Swimwear 2015 Collection

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