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2017 Fashion Trend; How to Wear Denim

Denim clothing is definitely the most popular style among women and girls of all ages. It doesn’t matter it is winter or summer denim looks stylish. In spite of the fact that denim clothing is so popular it should be chosen with great care and combined with proper accessories for perfect look.


2017 summer fashion trends include really stylish denim jeans, jackets and other garments. Taking into consideration all the latest trends for summer stylists represented those ideas on how to wear denim and how to match it with other pieces.

Best Colors for Blondes

Your style is a unique and may be the only way to emphasize your personality and make right impression (I am talking about first impression). The ability to choose proper design, color and details is a real talent. Together we will investigate all the latest trends as well as go for style tips that will help you to learn how to find your style.

Today we will talk about best clothing colors for blondes. Hair color has great importance and you should definitely take this factor into consideration when choosing garments.



For elegant look blondes can choose light tones of gray and pastel shades. Garments in those shades will be suitable for office outfit.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Wedding is the greatest day of your life but wearing classy bridal dress is not the only option you can go for. Newest trends and designer collections give brides widest choice especially if you are planning nontraditional party. The following celebrity wedding dresses will show you some really creative ideas that you can use for the big day.


Celebrities do love bold styles and wedding is a great chance to show off fantasy and creativity. One of the best examples is celebrity wedding dresses is Gwen Stefani’s white and pink dress by John Galliano.

Chiara Ferragni & Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag Campaign

One of the latest collaborations brought into fashion fantastic collection of stylish and trendy handbags. The collaboration of Louis Vuitton and famous Chiara Ferragni had a success and as a result they represented Soft Lockit Bag campaign.


Andrew Arthur was the photographer who created line of beautiful pictures where both beauty bunny and accessories are pictured in the best way. The theme for new campaign was chosen romantic flair and campaign represented scenes in the garden full of flowers as well as street looks that show an image of modern and independent woman.

Rami Kadi Le Royaume Enchanté Couture 2017 Dress Collection

One of the most alluring and luxurious collection of dresses was launched just recently and in the shortest period of time collection gained best reviews and rates and we just couldn’t ignore it. Rami Kadi Le Royaume Enchanté Couture dress collection will take you to a new imaginary world where images from fairy tales and Arabic motifs are mixed in the most beautiful way.


If you look through 2017 dresses collection you will hardly find anything like this. Surely there are luxurious designer dresses but you will never have such feeling; from the very first moment you feel yourself in an imaginary world walking in the garden of your palace wearing beautiful ball gown. 

Burberry Prorsum 2017 Fall Campaign

We are now surrounded with bright and cool summer pieces full of edgy looks and sexy vibes but we are already missing classy looks we used to see in fall and winter. You can still enjoy your summer days but why not to take a sneak peek at one of the most popular fall campaigns that was launched just recently.

Burberry Prorsum 2017 fall campaign is the one you need for coming fall; including all the newest trends of 2017 fall and at the same time representing its traditions Burberry Prorsum will offer you line of super stylish fall garments for true lovers of unique styles.


For 2017 fall designers chose models Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse, Malaika Firth, Callum Ball, Tarun Nijjer and Oli Green. Mario Testino, a group of professional hair stylists and makeup artists created perfect images suitable for perfect garments.

Fendi 2017 Resort Collection

The cooperation of Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi brought into fashion industry just another fabulous collection full of super-stylish and creative designs. You can already check out Fendi 2017 resort collection and get some inspiration from fashion gurus.


Distinguishing feature of new resort collection is influence of pop art that turned this collection into something more than just simple garments. Another feature of new collection is unique mixture of innovative details and classy styles and the result of this mixture we can now enjoy line of mind blowing designs.

Burberry Prorsum Resort Collection

Burberry Prorsum resort collection is no longer a conception; you can already enjoy the line of fashionable designs and find some really noteworthy pieces for new season. New collection is all about romantic vibes so get ready for a high dose of femininity and elegance together with Burberry Prorsum.


First thing that catches attention is creative word prints that give youthful touch to elegant designs. “Winds & Showers”, “Explore and Adventure”, The Orchard” and many other prints will take you far to a new world full of colors. Unlike previous collection for resort collection Christopher Bailey chose totally new approach and details that are combined with brands traditional motifs. 

New Year’s Eve dresses 2017

New Year’s Eve dresses 2017.Fashion in 2016 is not changed significantly. Length will be from mini to maxi, depending on shape and preferences.While choosing New Year’s Eve dresses 2017, you should pay attention to sleeves. They can be direct and lush. As lanterns, they can be both: long and short. Dresses with basques, flounces, ruffles are relevant as before, and those insensibly emphasize your waist and hip line. Asymmetric cut shapes sleeves and hemline in fashionable New Year’s Eve outfits 2017 and will add diversity to your image.new-years-eve-dresses-2017

Women’s Suede Boots 2017

Women’s Suede Boots 2017.The must-have footwear for the fall time are of course boots. And there are many of them, which means that you can never have enough pairs. This fall the suede boots are taking over the stage, so you should definitely get some such pair if your still don’t have one. You can wear them in different ways and today we would like to give you several such ideaswomens-suede-boots-2017-1

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