The 10 Swimwear Trends of 2016


The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016.If you thought trends only mattered on the red carpets and streets we have news for you! Designers and stylists also have some very clear thoughts on how you should bring your fashion A-game to the pool or beach this year. For the key swimwear trends for 2016, we looked no further than Miami. After all, Ocean Drive is where girls casually take their roller skates for a spin in bikinis. Plus, Miami has its very own fashion week for everything and anything swimwear. Keep reading for the 10 hottest trends we discovered for this Summer.The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016 (2)

1.Bohemian Vibes

The boho style has been a popular trend on the Autumn runways, but fringes and ethnic prints also add a ’70s flair to swimwear.The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016

2.Monochrome Chic

Making swimwear look elegant isn’t an easy task, unless you want to cover yourself with jewellery. But this season designers are proposing extremely chic black/white monochrome options. Problem solved.The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016 (3)

3.Flaunt Those Flounces

Flounces offer a great way to both hide or accentuate your assets. They also add some movement and a romantic twist to your look.The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016

4.Sexy Cutouts

For those of you believing that swimsuits still have too much fabric on them, there are plenty of styles with revealing cutouts this season.The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016

5.Into the Jungle

Prints of leopards, tigers, and zebras are bringing the jungle to the ocean. This may be the wildest trend of the season.The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016

6.Nothing Matches but Anything Goes

Forgot your bikini bottom in the changing room last year? No problem; you don’t have to trash your beloved top. Designers prove it’s totally acceptable to mix it up this season.

The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016

7.Bondage Girls

Fifty Shades of Grey was probably one of the most anticipated movies this year. So we’re not surprised that designers have been inspired by the bondage look and are featuring plenty of straps on bikinis and swimsuits.The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016

8.Zip It Up

Not only are zips an edgy detail, but they also ease the pain of putting on those tight swimsuits. Plus, they leave it up to you to decide how much cleavage you would like to show.

Zip-The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016

9.Crop It Like It’s Hot

On the streets, crop tops were meant to reveal some skin. At the beach, they can help you to cover up a little.The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016

10.Make a Statement

These bold letters pretty much guarantee that you won’t be sitting alone on your towel by the end of the tanning session.The 10  Swimwear Trends of 2016

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