WEDDING DRESSES 2017.Hey my beautiful ladies and future brides! I have heard that you have said “yes” to the big question, and now you are searching for the wedding dress of your dreams! I want to help you so, for today I have a collection of timeless wedding dresses from the well-known Italian label Nicole Spose. Below, you will be able to see the Nicole Spose 2017 “Nicole” bridal collection and I am sure that these dresses will take your breath away. WEDDING DRESSES 2017

WEDDING DRESSES 2017 wedding-dresses-2017-3 wedding-dresses-2017-4 wedding-dresses-2017-5 wedding-dresses-2017-6 wedding-dresses-2017-7 wedding-dresses-2017-8 wedding-dresses-2017-9 wedding-dresses-2017-10 wedding-dresses-2017-11 wedding-dresses-2017-12 wedding-dresses-2017-13 wedding-dresses-2017-14 wedding-dresses-2017-15In expanding the company has been able to satisfy a variegated target creating six lines with a defined character: the first very trendy line that maintains the name of the mother company, Nicole, a haute couture line that takes the name of the designer Alessandra Rinaudo, another with more romantic lines called Colet, Jolies that has conquered the international market in search of the latest novelties, Romance capable of transporting brides into a fabulous princessly world and, last but not least, the very latest collection Aurora.

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