Winter Fashion Trends 2016


Winter Fashion Trends 2016.Winter fashion is such a drag…or is it? Most of us dread the cold because the layering makes us look even…fuller than usual. Also the image of a petite diva in a puffy winter coat is anything but sexy.For the ladies leaving in a less cold environment where winter is more like…fall ( temperature wise) wearing the most popular 2016 winter trends – as Vogue presented them- seems to be the best idea.However, for those of us fighting the cold, the snow or the dreadful foggy, windy and freezing winter days, the trends need to be …winged a little. winter-fashion-trends-2016-9


Capes , ponchos and wraps are extremely trendy this season. Graphic prints, structured finishes but also furry details on collars and hoods can be extremely eye-catching while prowling the streets. You can choose a large shawl for the same purpose but you can also consider a blanket style wrap. Whatever option you choose, be aware that it must be paired with a fitted outfit for the bottom part of your body. Think : leggings, fitted midi skirt, skinny jeans and statement boots.winter-fashion-trends-2016-1 winter-fashion-trends-2016Oversized knits and bulky crochet

This is the time for the old school warm and fuzzy feel only comfy knitted items can offer. The trends brought back the slouchy look for knitted pullovers, stunning yarn choices, bulky collars, big and structured finishes. The relaxed and flowing finish is very permissive figure wise so don’t hesitate to choose dropped shoulders, short-long hemlines and patch work style combination of yarn.winter-fashion-trends-2016-2 winter-fashion-trends-2016-3 winter-fashion-trends-2016-4Quilted coats

Whether you go for sporty short or you choose a long and spectacular parka, the duvet is the ideal choice for coat, this season. You can pick one with a furry underlining or ’60s inspired graphic details the coat must be the most versatile item in your winter wear. It is true that such a coat is mandatory to be chosen considering your body structure, your height and of course your figure.winter-fashion-trends-2016-12 winter-fashion-trends-2016-13 winter-fashion-trends-2016-5 winter-fashion-trends-2016-6 winter-fashion-trends-2016-7 winter-fashion-trends-2016-8 For the ladies fond of the power suit this season offers the glam version of the tailored gentleman’s cut. The masculine touch add a fuller note to the jackets but the interesting fabric choices maintain the flowing finish of the tailored pants.
winter-fashion-trends-2016-10 winter-fashion-trends-2016-11The classic coat we are so fond of wearing at the office must be oversized.The loose line will benefit winter layering and also make you look slimmer.Trends are not always easy to pull through but consider these items for January-February 2016 to keep the cold away and be true to the diva in you.Join us on Facebook for more interesting fashion and style ideas. Also check our posts on Pinterest to find out fresh tips on how to be true to your own sense of  style.

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